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 Product   Agilis Magazines
 Status  Available now
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 Agilis Magazines

M8 Magazine Agilis M8
LM8 Magazine L-014-1561 Agilis LM8
LM1216 Magazine L-014-1562 Agilis LM1216
 Black Magazines 
VMF30 Magazine L-014-0016B VIBRATORY MAGAZINE, can hold up to 18 8mm sticks, depends on tubeforks fitted
TM8C Magazine L-014-0001D fixed setup of 16 * 8mm
TM12C Magazine L-014-0002D fixed setup of 8 * 12mm
TMFLEX Magazine L-014-0442E for flexible feeder set-up, max 17 modules
TM24D Magazine L-014-0004D fixed setup of 5*24mm + 1*8mm
TM1216C L-014-0006D fixed setup of 4*12mm + 4*16mm
 Condition  Checked and in good working condition
 Location  Europe
 Terms   30 day, NG return warranty
 Availability  Now
 Pictures   KT013003-001 P1240159 P1240161 P1240162
 Downloads:  MYDATA Agilis datasheet
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