Assembléon Placement Controller


Item Description


 Product   PA 1800/01 Placement Controller (9498 396 00179) (4022 591 112) (4022 591 1078)
Vintage  2007 , 2008, 2010
 Status  Available now
 Additional data


 Assembleon Placement controller for AX-301, AX-5, AX-501


 See also our Assembléon CPR and SPR Robot arms and Laser Vision Placement Heads, Stick Feeders, Feeder Carts, Nozzles, Trolleys and other Assembléon items 

 Condition  Good
 Location  Europe
 Terms   As is, were is
 Availability  Now
 Pictures   KT013005-003 KT013005-002 KT013005-001
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