SPEA 4040


Item Description


 Product   4040 Multimode
 Vintage  2008
 Status  Available
 Additional data

 system software Leonardo


 4 high speed Flying Probe testheads
 camera module for auto-alignment 
 modular and full parallel hardware architecture
 pulse force- and measurement technology with free programmable set-up of timing
 high speed-, high voltage- and timing-measurement unit
 high speed stimuli ±10V/±1A 
 high voltage stimuli ±80V/±1A 

 functional generator including module for AC-quadrature measurements


SHUTTLE-Board Loader: motor controlled loading and unloading system

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 Condition  Complete and Operational
 Location  Europe
 Terms   As is, where is
 Availability  Now
 Pictures    KT013022-002 KT013022-001 
 Downloads:  Original configuration spea
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