Used NUTEK board Handling Equipment


Now in stock, large quantity of pcb board handling equipment from NUTEK. All in perfect condition and with a 30 day warranty. We have board conveyors in different sizes, flip units, buffers, Turn tables, stackers, destackers, Telescopic gates, rework stations and much more available.
Inventory # Description Vintage Availability


 NUTEK NTM410L, 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m and 2m conveyors, multiple units availableP5290137

 2000 - 



 NUTEK NTM510ICL, Inspection conveyor, multiple units availableP5290145  2000-


 NUTEK NTM320IL-AW, PCB Flip unitP5290127  2006  Available


 NUTEK NTM620SL-AW, PCB Multi Magazine BufferP5290130  2005  Available


 NUTEK NTM510RCL-1000-AW, PCB Reject Conveyor, multiple units availableP5290145  2004-


 NUTEK NTMGPTL-AW, Telescopic Gate conveyor, multiple units availableP5290184  2006-


 NUTEK NTM271L-AW, PCB Turn tableP5290173  2001  Available


 NUTEK NTM91L-AW, PCB Turn Table, multiple units availableNTM91L-2002-037B01 1  2002 -  2006  Available


 NUTEK NTM91XL-AW, PCB Turn table PA100098  2009  Available


 NUTEK NTM220DSL-AW, PCB Destacker  2006  Available


 NUTEK NTM230PSL-AW, PCB Stacker  2006  Available


 NUTEK NTE0710LL-AW, PCB LoaderIMG 1053  2009  Available


 NUTEK NTM220DSXL-AW, PCB destackerIMG 1046  2009  Available


 NUTEK NTM4610-X Nutek Laser UnitIMG 0147  2005  Available


 NUTEK Turn Table's (3 units) KT011012-01  2006  Available
 KT012021  NUTEK NTM210BLBP Bare board loaderKT012021-01  1999  Available