ERSA Versaflow 3/45 2011


Item Description


 Product   Versaflow 3/45
Vintage  2011
 Status  Available now
 Additional data


  • Fluxer with side positioning unit
  • IR Preheater for soldering unit 1 and 2
  • 3 soldering units each configured with:
  • Warpage detection
  • Automatic solder wire feeder
  • High resolution camera's
  • SMEMA 
 Condition  The machine is complete and operational. 
 Location  Europe, The Netherlands
 Terms   As is, where is
 Availability  Now
 Pictures   KT016050 01KT016050 02KT016050 03KT016050 04KT016050 05KT016050 06 KT016050 07 KT016050 08
 Downloads:  ERSA Versaflow Sales Sales Brochure
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