Scienscope Video Inspection and Measument Systems   

The Scienscope product-line of Video Inspection and Measurement Systems offers a complete portfolio of high-end non-contact measurement systems for smal delicate or complex components.


Video Measurement Systems

Scienscope video coordinate measurement machines are specifically designed for non-contact measurement and inspection of small intricate features on small or large parts. These systems are a natural step up from measuring microscopes and optical comparators. With granite base construction and steel stages the systems provide long term accuracy and reliability, an excellent ROI. Systems may be configured with measurement software or metrology specific DROs


sc-2000 XT-1000-large  
 XT-1000 VMU
XT-2000 VMP XT-2000 VME XT-1000 VMS XT-1000 VMU







Video Inspection Systems 

Scienscope offers 2 type of Video inspections systems with a range of camera andstand options. 


package-mz7-pk5u  specchart mz7  
 specchart mac
Micro Zoom Systems  Macro Zoom Systems